Welcome to the web site of the Dreadnought Association. This web site has been set up in order that all those who served on her may keep in touch and exchange information. If you served on the Dreadnought at any time and would like to join the association (its Free) Please use the contact form to advise us of your Rank/Rating, dates you served on Dreadnought, your home and email address's and contact telephone number(s). Only your name will be viewable on the website. Your contact details will not be divulged to any 3rd party without your express permission. If you would like to comment on the web site or notice one of the many errors or would like to correct any facts herein or add something, then please email us at info@hmsdreadnought.co.uk The next page of the website contains full list of members as of 15th July 2011


Links:- Barrow Submariners website www.submariners.co.uk 
www.ussskipjack.org website of the boat Dreadnought was based on 

Royal Navy Submarine Museum http://www.royalnavalmuseum.org/www.rnsubmus.co.uk
Barrow Submarine Heritage Centre www.submarineheritage.com

Submariners Association  www.submarinersassociation.co.uk

Plymouth Branch of Submariners Association

HMS Courageous Association [hmscourageous@btinternet.com]








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